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The brain rot is to deep.

To be honest I'm guessing 99% of the Zoro fans were part of that edgy teenage angst fandom that like Sasuke
Truth is i don't think the number that high in terms of crazy zoro fans .
WG and twitter is where i see this level of insane shit mostly but i really think it a small amount just being really loud since that happen so often online .
When even reddit is better you know something wrong lol .
Zoro never beat Apoo then. He got back up.
Sure. It was not Zoro's goal to beat him but to take the medicine

You don't need someone knocked out for the full arc to show a clear superiority over them
What superiority did Luffy show against Lucci? They clashed equally

Luffy in his showing clearly overwhelmed Lucci anything but that is purely bias
Sure but he couldn't beat him unlike base Zoro
In fact we just got clearly shown that multiple attacks from Gear 5 hits weaker than base Zoro
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