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This chapter could be the last one for volume 109. Unless we continue the trend of twelve chapters per volume, which could mean that we're ending the volume on the big Vegapunk reveal. :choppawhat:
PancakeClownfans can't read confirmed :milaugh:

I told you Lakainu is the one telling Larines to not fight Teach, Lakainu is the one telling 2 SERAPHIMS to not fight Teach. You don't mention they have 2 Seraphims on the island but Lakainu is too scared.

Thats Pre-Emperor Teach without a ship and without the control of Quake DF, Lakainu trying to sneak attack them by telling they are going to agree to the ship deal, then they were going to attack them suddenly.

When Teach become Emperor and can control Quake DF, Red Dog can't do shit but tell 2 Seraphims to not attack him.

You Pancake fanboys are retarded if you truly believe even Pre-Emperor Teach couldn't beat Lakainu, he was fighting Sengoku+Garp, while Lakainu was fighting Nerfed Marco:

Even Nerfed Marco fights Red Dog, but Teach who was soloing Sengoku+Garp couldn't huh? :suresure:

BB Pirates: ''Is Captain crazy''?
Teach doesn't give af about Aokiji (Lakainu equal) backstabbing him, and makes him underling, thats how Teach thinks about Lakainu power level, he didn't take Douglas Bullet before but he accepts Lakainu equal as underling. :milaugh:

Power level difference between Warlord Teach and Douglas Bullet is closer than Emperor Teach and Aokiji/Akainu power level. :gokulaugh:

Warlord Teach => Douglas Bullet
Emperor Teach >> Aokiji/Red Dog so Teach thinks they can become an underling to him.

Rayleigh never said he couldn't beat Pancake.
However he admitted he couldn't beat Teach.

Huge Pancake L.
This is you every night
”Akainu is on board”

Zoro used KoH without saying it vs king on that first slash in the manga
Also cap. But to make it worse for you there is 0 green flame on his new attack against lucci. So even from that standpoint you ain't making sense lol.

And your argument doesn't makes sense. When zoro says an attack name he states which style it is before using it lol.
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