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It's been 2 years since Bot is going to wake up :josad:
i been saying from the beginning that the ancient robot is a bomb. that's why it went to Mariejoa 200 years ago. to explode and take the celestial dragons with it. But it ran out of battery.

But somehow, nika's drum beats gave it more power. And it's gonna explode and stall the gorosei and Kizaru so that the Plot Hat crew can run away and escape.
You are welcome + FASSpoilers secret from me to you :

His attack cut of Lucci's head but he is fine cause he is zoan and then a flash back between lil zoro and Lucci start playing and they are some how from the same family the Shimotsuke marimo's
any Nami or Lilith plan
As I said earlier, based on people like @mrtsrdr logic, two years time skip was of just one week because that's all it lasted in real time :milaugh:
Now i am checking , what have the others done during that time period , giants destroyed ships , luffy fought against admiral and elders ehich zoro do not know elders come , story move a lot . And zoro was fighting lucci while these are happening in EH island
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