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Betray? You think they on each other side or they just gad a meeting
Ask yourself, in what other context would the Gorosei accept meeting a pirate (who is hiding his identity with a cloak from the public) and vice versa, where "good person" Shanks is okay with only talking to genocidal murderers who's actions are publically known (Ohara, Slavery, Racism, etc).

The meeting itself is weird, thats the point.
Teach himself said he wasn't ready for Akainu at that point
Never said it was because of 'him', he said ''that'', he wasn't ready to fight Marines as whole because his crew was in danger, needed to be saved, and he could even hurt them as he couldn't control Quake.

Nerfed Marco fights Lakainu but Teach who solos Sengoku+Garp can't beat Red Dog is a retarded argument.

Panel lmao like BB running away.

Panel says Mihawk ''run'' retard lmao.
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