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King has shown no haki feats at all. That's a fact. Basic coating that every fodder in the new world has is not a haki feat

Wano law is not the same as DR Law you nincompoop. Law grew a lot between DR and Wano.

He learned it after fighting yonko. That he can't move them cause their haki is too strong. ie, yonko level haki negates hax.

King doesn't have yonko level haki.

So yeah, king gets shambled and fucked by Law.

Headcanon. Law clears king by Portrayal and Feats

Saying Law beats king isn't downplaying king lol. King canonically has nothing impressive besides his hax. Which Law can deal with easily.

Oda gave Law feats and portrayal against a yonko. And was instrumental in beating her. That's not oda putting Law in place dumbass.

Just cause all you care about is zoro doesn't mean you can just say everyone else is trash lol.
I provided you 2 scenes showing King use CoA haki and you claim those don't exist. That's tells me everything I need to know about your post, it's headcannon.

Keep coping.

Sasaki Kojirō

i mean Saturn reverse luffy G5 attack so another elder getting jump on luffy just show yeah these guys no joke.
Truth is the elders looking nice .
Yes, but this is a 1 v 2 situation, and considering the durability the worm has shown, Luffy wouldn't have any difficulty escaping from inside it. He can easily break through its body since even the giants can cut off the head of this worm.

Luffy managed to get out of Kaidou, who is more durable than these guys, so he wouldn't have difficulty here.
Just being honest.
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