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CoC: Color of Clowns

Urouge is Pregnant with Big Mom's Child???
Gorosei >>>>> Admirals. No wonder Topman was calling Akainu a mere admiral
Luffy moved Saturn around. No damage though.

Gear 5 is more powerful than the Gorosei with its strongest moves, IMO, but getting them to hit, and actually damaging them, is another thing.

Interested to see if Zoro can wound V. Nusjuro.

I want the Gorosei to be strong, I used to hate the Admirals for bending the knee, and if they did because the Gorosei are that strong, I can like a lot of Admirals more than I used to.
his sword fight with Zoro, his blade was clad in haki
Against a zoro that was getting sucked by enma...

yes very impressive swordsman ship. King literally punches and kicks in that fight lol.
King is invincible, nothing trumps that
Zoro already did dumbass. If zoro can, Law can too.
King has more haki feats than Wano Law
What? Don't fucking say basic coating. He didn't show anything other than that. That's not a haki feat when Law literally negated df hax with his haki.
King is invincible what part of that is hard for you to understand?
King's basic haki feats are still superior to Law's LOL
why are you repeating yourself lol. Ran out of talking points?

King is invincible until he turns off his flame mode lol. King will need his speed mode to even graze law when Law is shambling king's basic haki ass constantly. And he's open to take damage without his flames.

And again, what haki feats? clashing with a zoro that's actively getting sucked by enma isn't a haki fucking feat.

Law literally tanked Kaido's acoc hits and went on to severly damage and defeat big mom. King hasn't done jackshit compared to that. He has neither the attack power of kaido's acoc, or big mom's defenses to even have a chane against Law.
If you want me to be honest… even I don’t know how this shit works anymore

No downplay, no slander, nothing

What is the smoke and why is it separate from the lightning/KoH

As a Zoro fan I’m assuming you understand it better than I do lol
At this point any one that say the know for 100% certain all the time with how oda does this shit lying .
Got to see the chapter but it hard tell with how oda has draw haki over the years .
We can see shit and still can't tell what fuck going on .
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