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I provided you 2 scenes showing King use CoA haki and you claim those don't exist. That's tells me everything I need to know about your post, it's headcannon.

Keep coping.
omfg. You retard. Basic haki coating is not a haki feat. Literal new world fodder have those.

to negate Law's room hax, you literally need yonko level haki. Which king doesn't fucking have lol.

I'm done. This is a fucking circle now lol.
Oda really had Zoro and Lucci fighting all this time for absolutely no fuckin reason
What a shitty writer lmao
This promise of Zoro never losing again was the worst decision Oda ever made in the manga. It makes the character so layerless.

Zoro defends hakai = mink medicine

Zoro fights the king with the side effects of the mink medicine = 12 hours of sleep he was 100% again.

Zoro practically stays offpanel throughout the entire arc, only to later appear defeating the enemy in the same way as always
Luffy moved Saturn around. No damage though.

Gear 5 is more powerful than the Gorosei with its strongest moves, IMO, but getting them to hit, and actually damaging them, is another thing.

Interested to see if Zoro can wound V. Nusjuro.

I want the Gorosei to be strong, I used to hate the Admirals for bending the knee, and if they did because the Gorosei are that strong, I can like a lot of Admirals more than I used to.
Saturn hasn't been fighting seriously so far. He'll start soon enough.

These last few chapter practically confirm that the Gorosei were always superior.

Zoro v Nusjuro is bound to happen soon. Oda can't drop the ball with this one
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