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I will never forgive Oda
As much as I want to love the Gorosei, Oda's been doing a horrible job making them appear as credible threats. I'm not even convinced they'd look good against Dressrosa Boundman sans their tenacious regeneration.

5 demons summoned to fight Luffy and this chapter doesn't make me think for a moment that Luffy's in trouble or might not win this fight.
its like they have an instantanuous headcannon in their head and when a chapter doesnt go the way they want they will add their headcannon.

these clown created an impossibel condition for zoro.
-he needed to not use advcoc
-no koh
-no asura even though nika needed his.
-not more than 3 named attack

And in the end as impossible as its Oda made zoro win in one attack with even more restriction without avdcoc, koh, asura.

but now they are coping lol.
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