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Poor Kizaru never got any spotlight
Before he came to Egghead it was obvious Lucci was running the game
Then Kizaru came along with Saturn and it was more obvious that Saturn is the boss than who is the second main threat, Lucci or Kizaru
Now that whole Goroseis coming to island, Oda still gives proper closure to Lucci's story while Kizaru is being forgotten, laying around in random Marine ship just like that

And we thought Egghead would be Kizaru's arc
Bruh just compare how different Adcoc looks than what we have seen from zoro

No need to be so desperate after your agenda failed :milaugh:
You people are desperate to prove that thick and diverging lightening is not CoC coating. Just because it is not KoH doesn't mean there is no CoC. That is nowhere near CoA lightening. For CoA lightening refer to Coby, or Luffy vs Katakuri clash or even Luffy vs Lucci clash.
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