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I will never forgive Oda
I don't keep up with it, just clicked on the thread lerkan made on the latest chapter
Read it. It proper takes you through the memories
I'm reread Dragon Ball rn actually, just hit the Namek Saga and got to the start of Goku v. Frieza

It's actually really surprising how similar the tone of early dragon ball (the start to about the 22nd Tenkaichi budokai) and One Piece are. You can really see Toriyama's influence on how Oda writes even today.
Do you guys think current King could even push Zoro this far, with mastered Enma and ACoC? Zoro is bruised up and panting.

To me King is not comparable to Lucci, but Kaku. Zoro even mentioned he was tired of fighting "weird Zooans" like Kaku in Wano.

Not open for further replies.