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How I exposed the ZKKliars @GUI VI @ConquistadoR @Aknolagon


Lucci damaged KOH Zolo.

Couldn't damage G5 Luffy who wasn't using ACoC.
Oda doesn't have as much free time as you, nor is he as bored, as to analyze and draw in each of the small vignettes just the small speck of dust on Zoro's face with exact measurements and make a blackboard with arrows and circles like a mentally ill Lerkan.

I guess this is the first fight in the entire manga in which the characters have suffered damage and used their best off-panel attacks, cleaaaaaaaaarly

Also, in the image I posted which is the first crash, Zoro has more blood or dirt than in later chapters, making it clear that Oda is inconsistent and that this is simply a small detail that sometimes looks better and other times worse. Only a mentally ill person who wants to overanalyze every shadow, posture, etc. like you would give importance to trying to be right. Zoro fans don't have to invent or overanalyze some specks of dust, we simply put "1 attack>>> 3 attack". And we won
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The time limit is for KoH… Zoro didn’t use KoH to beat Lucci so the time limit doesn’t matter

Zoro mastered Enma in Wano already before he even unlocked KoH… The haki drain isn’t about Zoro not mastering Enma

In fact people forget that Zoro was able to stop the haki drain the moment he got Enma… Remember?… in chapter 955 when Zoro gets Enma, it immediately drains him and he STOPS IT and forces his Haki back immediately

so Zoro has been entirely capable of stopping the Enma haki drain from the start

the problem is that this isn’t the point of Enma… Zoro thought that the point of Enma is to force it to only use the haki he wants it to use… when in actuality the point of Enma is for him to MATCH the haki drain

let’s say in a fight Zoro cycles through 50-100 points of haki (whatever that means) and he reserves 90-100 haki points for his maximum effort… and the problem is that Enma is CONSTANTLY trying to force him to use 80 points of haki at all times throughout the fight even when he’s just standing there not attacking of when he’s dodging or anything… Instead of Zoro being able to switch to like 55 haki points when he’s defending and go back up to like 80 haki points when he’s trying to attack… Enma is ALWAYS trying to force him to be at 80 haki points non-stop

Zoro thought that the proper way of using Enma is to force it to bend to whatever haki level he wants to use at whatever time… But in actuality he’s supposed to just go along with it… He’s supposed to willingly feed it 80-100 haki points non-stop and that’s how he masters Enma

And btw, since Zoro is a 3 sword style user, ALL HIS SWORDS now have to be 80 points of haki alongside Enma CONSTANTLY in order for him to fight properly…

Zoro mastering Enma was when he realized that the proper way of using Enma is to simply give it all the haki it wants without trying to regulate how much haki he’s using at a time

and when Zoro started straining himself to not only give Enma the 80 haki points it always wants, but then also give his other two swords the same amount of haki as well constantly, this amount of haki strain forced him to unlock AdvCoC

And that’s where KOH comes from, the constant Haki Ryuo pouring out of Zoro into all hiss three swords plus the AdvCoC he unlocked while straining so much haki out
While i agree with some of it i think the time limit comes from his ryou/arnament haki being drained in excess.

The reason zoro was near death vs king was because enma was draining his ryou/haki unnecessarily multiple times during the fight, so much so that when zoro decides to go all out with his ryou/haki on all of his blades this puts him near his limit which is why he says the sword will kill me.

We know that enma operates off of ryou which is arnament haki and we know that when it activates it makes zoro tired. Sure in 955 zoro says give it back to which we can assume the haki flowed back into him but vs king is different enma is wasting his ryou its quite literally flowing into the air.

Zoro tells us if he has to exude his haki(we know this is ryou not coc haki) at this level it will kill me and to your point he gives it to all three blades I agree that zoro doing this lets him flow coc haki which he is in control of, but as long as zoro flowed his ryou into all three blades we would still get the same statement form zoro this sword is about to kill me.

The fact that no where in egghead has enma wasted any of zoro ryou eliminates the time limit that was so immediate in his fight with king. Sure if zoro has a long fight it will show back up,but as it stands with enma not wasting any of it and zoro being in full control the time limit is gone zoro does not have the same struggles like he had in wano.
Man this arc really fell of after the Kuma flashback

Luffy is right now facing a force comparable to what the WB pirates had in marineford and there’s 0 tension
There can't be tension when the strongest fighters are kept away from battle, Kizaru and Saturn are beyond incompetent, the guy that could severely injure Luffy is running around the island destroying pacifistas. Classic OP writing. :brootea:
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