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Zoro dealt with Hyouzou when he chose to and there was nothing he could do about it, one shot. :goyea:

Zoro dealt with Monet when he chose to and there was nothing she could do about it, one shot. :goyea:

Zoro dealt with Pica when he chose to and there was nothing he could do about it, one shot. :goyea:

Zoro dealt with Apoo when he chose to and there was nothing he could do about it, one shot. :goyea:

And now finally Zoro dealt with Lucci when he chose to and there was nothing he could do about it, one shot. :goyea:

You can seethe, cope, insult, and make them circle-jerk threads crying. It won't change the facts. All the above names were one-shot when Zoro got serious :leohah:
I never compared the difficulty cause it really doesn’t matter

Cracker and Lucci were both made to stall luffy and cracker respectively with both of them trying to get past them
Acting as if zoro didn’t care or wasn’t trying is just cap
Characters in One Piece are capable of being stalled by way weaker characters. Bellamy was capable of staying Luffy for more chapter counts than Lucci did to Zoro. Zoro got stalled by Monet for quite a while. So there's nothing special there, and the reason we say it was easy for Zoro is same reason why it's obvious when he's being stalled solely for the sake of the plot. Zoro has never used a named attack against Lucci until Chapter 1110, and as soon as he does, the fight is done. This has the same beat as Monet, Pica, Hyouzou, Kamazou, and Apoo in that his fight with them became completely one-sided as soon as he actually started to use moves in his arsenal.

This is completely different from "stalling" opponents like Cracker and King, where for both Luffy and Zoro respectively, they actually had to be serious from the start, using named attacks from the jump, and the opponent could withstand, and even counterattack said named attacks. Cracker and King were formidable, Lucci wasn't.
Zoans abilities multiply when use there forms yeah?
Not sure what you meant by that.

Luffys gears are his forms yeah?
No. His Zoan is of a mythical God that can do what he wants by his imagination so his gears are just his powers working up.

So if luffys base is vastly higher than it was prior then the same applies to his gears yeah?

You failed to do any argument.
Actually cap.

1. It couldn't be a low diff when lucci wasn't even confirmed knocked out by luffy and on the next panel lucci is fine in base while luffy is old being carried by chopper.

2. Infact the opposite was shown. The were in 4 panels portrayed as equals

3. It has not been shown
So, Luffy vs Doffy was a draw, because boths being carried.
Zoro vs Kamazou was a draw?

This excuses of Luffy having a tax of G5 being considered a lose or Draw, is stupid at his finest.

Zoro vs King was a draw? Sanji vs Queen?.

What was showing was that Saturn and Kizaru is at the same level, because boths got handled equally?

Well Kaku and Zoro in base showed similarities too.
You can't comprehend words. You can't comprehend direct comparison shown to you via panels. side by side panels at that. you got issues or this trolling shit as rotted your brain.

the comparison is there. i won't spoon feed it to you :milaugh:
"With that level of power you won't get to fight Goofy again"
"I'm the one in control of the fight"
"Oops, sorry for dancing around your strongest move, might as well one shot you now"
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