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Current Sanji is literally being outperformed by fricking Franky and Brook. Like the character is liteeally dead. He aint even look the strongest in the mid trio.
it ain't that bad, he kicked kizaru's laser looked good for a while standing with luffy against kizaru and a gorosei, too bad luffy immediately told him to fuck off before he did anything else though
All zoa. Hybrid forms rely on imagination.

The bases of devil fruits ability relies on it.
This is a theory not confirmed by Vegapunk. And he talked about dreams not imagination. There is a difference. Only Nika is about imagination.

So since the gears are FORMS like choppers transformations they are considered hybrid forms.
They are not forms. Maybe only G4. Gears are techniques. G2 is about blood pump. G4 is about bone inflation.

Yes it means if an increased base luffy has to use g5 ontop of that and still not knock out lucci it gives merit to luccis strength
He did KOed Lucci. But what all that has to do with Sanji not beating him?
Friend, that's what we have the brain, the eyes, etc. for. We have to see the context and interpret. It's very lazy to have to explain every point of your nonsense.

Zoro vs kamazou

Well, if you OMIT that the attack that Kamazou gave on Zoro was unprepared and thanks to a third party, and you also OBVIOUS that Zoro fainted from the poison (the onomatopoeia of the stomach sound comes out) if you conveniently ignore all that then yes, it's a tie .
So why Zoro fans talk about G5 Taxes and as Luffy losing to Lucci? When panels told as that Luffy is miles away stronger than him?
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