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I know not everyone is going to like it but maybe they along with dorry and broggy have a competition when it comes to the gorosei. Something like who can beat them faster

If not now maybe in elbaf instead

Wow, good call, i didint think abount it. Little garden is actually arc where Zoro and Sanji start to compete. It would be cool to see some parallels there. Also my personal little hope is that Zoro and Sanji will learn how to come along from Giants. After TS they just hate each other, its not just facade. (or at liast doesn't look like one anymore)


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Anti-Zolo's team is doing so badly that they have to prove that Lucci could inflict a couple of bruises on casual Zoro with two swords
Everytime i see bruise scaling or huff scaling... it just makes me sad.

These are the arguments of the loser and the only reason someone is bringing this up... is because they don't have anything legitimate to go off of.

If they honestly believe that Oda intended for us to measure those scratches... then idk what to say.
Assuming the bird is actually inside the barrier, he's going to do what, destroy the lab?
Zoro sending slashes at him would be a non feat, these dude are made of wet toilet paper.
He needs someone to clash and exchange attacks not a giant 🎯
Zoro stalls him long enough for Vegapunk to give his message. Maybe eventually swapping opponents with sanji when the barrier is down
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