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It’s a real fight in the sense that this fight probably lasted longer than the Zoro vs king fight

which is ridiculous but we actually have a time scale of the Zoro vs king fight and it was about 15 minutes long in total so Lucci officially lasted long than king

but it’s not a real fight since it’s mostly offscreen and completely lacks any context and just ends in one hit with no scaling involved
Zoro vs Gifters lasted as much
Stall fights is what it is


World's Strongest Swordsman
Lucci has taken damage over the course of his fight with Zoro and showed signs of exhaustion before this point

How is it a oneshot?

Shanks oneshot Kidd because the first and only time he hit him he got knocked out

This isn’t the first time Zoro’s hit Lucci
It is. Its the 1st attack used. And the fight is over
Clashes mean nothing.
Hyozuou did the same.
never one shotted lucci .
Anyway like I said a swordman figh tusually end in one clean attack we dont judge the difficulty by that at all it is how hard it was to land that shot . ANd it took zoro a long time now lets see how injured he is and how exausted he is .
ME I don't con t that as a OS when atacks are exchanged it is no longer a OS . A OS is luffy bellamy .
1 shot lucci with 1 attack. Just waiting to see if it was named attack. Coochie was a bum, u never should've hyped him :milaugh:
No joke this is what’s weird
I don’t think that Sanji can beat Lucci
Lucci = Sanji is the highest I would go
So Zoro became sooo much stronger than Sanji?
adv CoC is insane
Lucci hasn’t shown anything to put him over Sanji. Sanji and Lucci are similar fighters but Sanji outclasses Lucci in their main stats used in their fighting style. Hell Sanji already showed the ability to counter an attack well beyond Luccis handgun.
It is. Its the 1st attack used. And the fight is over
Clashes mean nothing.
Hyozuou did the same.
How can it be a oneshot if he’s been hit beforehand?

Shanks vs Kidd is the clearest example of a oneshot in OP

An extended fight where Lucci has taken damage with Zoro landing his final attack is not a oneshot

Otherwise almost every fight in One Piece has ended in a oneshot
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