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Should we open the chapter discussion thread for the iffy translation?

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Nah you don’t get it.
With Dory and Brogy coming to fight the gorosei Luffys free to fight Kizaru
Could be. If Kizaru change goal to stop broadcast he can go through labophase barrier

luffy only one who can follow

would mean he is still Luffy main fight for arc

I would like to see it
This insane

Oda genuinely thinks that Doggy and Broggy are more suited to going up against the 5 elders then Sanji or even Zoro and Jinbei 😂????
:suresure:Oda will always privilige allies to fight the strongest enemies more than Luffy's underlings

Retainers fought Kaido...while Zoro got 1 lil clash and wasn't even praised by Kaido

Zoro spent whole day fighting Lucci while giants gonna stall Gorosei and Luffy handled Kizaru and Saturn
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