One Piece Chapter 1110; "THE PLANETS/ STARS DESCEND"

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Sasaki Kojirō

The bird passed through the barrier and is now being shot by Laser, for him to have done so he at least thinks his durability is capable of withstanding them.

It wouldn't make sense for him to rely on his regeneration, unless of course he regenerates so quickly that he can continue flying while the lasers destroy his body, I lean towards the first option.

tcb scans is a lot clearer to the point where you can actually see the numbers in the gorosei summoning circle.

Mars is 4
Warcury 3
Venus 2

and by default, Jupiter the sandworm is 1 :gokulaugh:
Everything has a meaning
Luffy vs Ju Peter - Battle of number 1's
Zoro vs Nusjuro - Battle of number 2's
Jinbe vs Topman - Battle of number 3's
Sanji vs Mars - Battle of number 4's
Franky vs Saturn - Battle of number 5's

I think Oda did this intentionally
perfect match ups
Houki the Silly Piggy = Its mostly a Chinese monster and it was unique because it was insanely huge, had a mouth full of spikes made of metal, it could grow a second head, one on each end of its body, and it could change its appearance. According to its lore, it was defeated by a sharpshooting marksman, so he may be Usopp or the Weakling Trio's opponent. This pig really loved mulberries.

You have a source for that?