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- One of the Gorousei members tries to force his way into the Labophase.
- The fight between Rob Lucci and Zoro has ended, but it seems that Lucci is still standing.
- The fight between Luffy and the Gorousei continues.
- The giants ask Luffy about Nika, but Luffy still doesn't know what they are talking about.
- Warcury launches a gigantic wave of Haki, which confuses Luffy in a very funny way.
- The giants block the Gorousei's attacks, then Luffy creates a baseball bat and hits a home run with the Gorousei.
- The Straw Hat gang runs towards the giants' ships to escape.
- The Marines try to comfort Kizaru, who tells them to let him rest.
- At the end of the chapter the iron giant wakes up completely and his first words are "I'm sorry, Joy Boy."
- 3 week break.
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