Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1111 Spoilers Discussion

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I see anti-Zolo pirates are still coping about the fact that Zoro needed just one named move and 3.3% of his total power to beat Lucci while Luffy needed his peak and 3 named moves. Nothing new, Zoro is always the ultimate source of cope. :ihaha:
They're clinging on for dear life with this "standing" cope. Going out their way to ignore that they fight is stated to have ended.

To be a Zoro hater is to be retarded :risiup:


So let me get this straight, Lucci says Luffy defeated him but since he got back up he didnt defeat him.

Lucci says Zoro defeated him while hes still up but he did defeat him?
It's the final tribute Oda giving him.
You think he's even in the condition like Zoro after hakai to go on and Use something like Ashura.
Bro is done for good.
Lucci is like this state right now.
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