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Oda brought Bonney and Kuma to Egghead and they genuinely have 0 impact on anything story related for the past 5 chapters now
Oda seriously gave Kuma a 7 chapter flashback to make you sympathetic for him and hate Saturn and then when it's over he lands one punch on Saturn that has zero actual lasting weight to it and the Giants do more to help the Straw Hats than he ever could anyways.


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Lmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, that's funny, NGL!
Zoro fans babbled a lot that Luffy didn't actually one shot Lucci because bro was awakened minutes after.
Now we have the same exact situation and bros are saying that it is a one shot lmaaaaaaaaaao
This is not the same situstion

zoro fought a 50% hp lucci (lucci himself admit he was already defeat once this arc)

zoro failed to make lucci lose conconsiousness (not a real defeat )

zoro ran away when lucci was still standing
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