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That's precisely Aokiji's character in a nutshell.
A person is weak when they don't follow their will.
As an admiral, Aokiji was weaker than his full potential because he was following orders (= someone else's will) rather than his own. Now that he's a free agent (*cough* *cough* infiltrating the BBPs *cough*), his spirit can truly show through his attacks. That's why he appears nerfed against Garp: because Aokiji didn't want that fight, he wasn't at his best.

Kiz is content being a soldier. Broccoli is the same. I don't expect them to be powerhouses while working for the WG.

Fuji is following his will, hence he was shown more competent than the aforementioned two, and Akainu is bound to rebel to the Gorosei and go full berserk intent on making his own justice in the world.

Kiz & GB are the weakest by design. One is a lazy monkey; the other is a plant who takes what the environment gives him, and uses that to nurish himself, without chasing more, without seeking the best.
Meh, Sengoku is one hell of massive WG follower and the only marine outside Garp with confirmed COC. The free will thing is poetic but I don't think it matters that much in the end.
Saving slaves is what matters for Fuji, and that's what he did: successfully.
No it’s not? The only thing he did was not rechain the slaves already freed. He didn’t free them himself nor did he free any others.

It was a purely passive moment of he’s not going to free them himself, but he’s not going to chain others either.

And when he and Ryo argued about it, he got sent to the hospital.
Also Ryos introduction in Wano was him refusing and ignoring Sakazukis direct orders
I'd say following something isn't a problem as long you believe in the ideals/them. Zoro follows Luffy and would go as far as sacrificing himself and his own goal for him but that won't prevent him from ending as one of the strongest characters in the verse
The issue with Kizaru right now has more to do with the specificities of this particular mission (Having to kill people close to him) than being a good soldier of the the WG in itself.
Fuji didn’t use his fruit and was protecting people at the same time while fighting gb who had visible scuff marks even with using his fruit that sounds competent to me , only difference is Fuji was seen a week later where as gb was seen 3 weeks later
Fuji was literally on the verge of using his fruit cause he wanted to finish things; and Ryo was literally only in his big form he didn’t use his fruit for any other reason and that was because he was holding back a fucking giant.

And we’re told that Fuji was beat up by Ryo; but we’re shown no reason to assume Fuji beat up Ryo at the same time.

No way anyone read the reverie and saw the aftermath thought Fuji came out looking stronger lmao
Well he does live on through the Punks
Stella removed his brain. Punk records is his brain now.

Human beings are basically a flesh and bone Mecha controlled by our brains. A brain is basically who we are.

So since stella just got stabbed, he isn't dead. For him to die, punk records need to be destroyed.

I think even Shaka and Pythagoras can be brought back too.
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