Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1111 Spoilers Discussion

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Took down Kizaru twice (1v1 and 1v2) *(kizaru himself admitting he can't move for sometime after round 1 and just wanna rest after round 2)
Defeated Lucci easily

Zoro :
:josad:Can't even make weakened Lucci go unconscious temporarily
Lucci is done after one attack and disrespected luffy after the fight

Cant say the same about goofy
All of this is just Elbaf set up it seems.
Dunno. If Oda wanted Luffy to beat Saturn he’d do it here

All the build up was completely ruined as soon as it ended with Devon touching Saturn then 5 Gorosei showing up after

Oda focused way too much on Bonney and Kuma when the flashback has now been completely overshadowed
That robot better do something now. Alongside Sanji, they are the hyped characters whose relevance gets dragged out. Moreso on Sanji given that factoring physical strength alone, he's obviously the strongest of the Strawhats.
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