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So he had Zoro casually blitz/one-shot him, but kept Lucci on his feet to save face. The spoiler clearly says Zoro vs Lucci has finished, which means Lucci was unable to fight anymore. If all he can do is remain standing but can no longer fight, that's a one-shot.
it makes sense that he can't move lmao , like why tf would Zoro mentions Huhuva Hell without context to it ? Lucci is frozen and can't move because of the attack since it goes with the theme of using Cold Hell or Naraka in which the 8 minus hells like Huhuva is there !

"Lucci is unable to move, but he refuses to fall down":handsup:

There is nothing much to clown Zoro here tbh. He hit Lucci circus style - Lucci cant move, Zoro got his W

Now Lucci refused to go down - didnt go unconscious - Lucci got his W

Everybody got their Ws. Its just Oda being Oda, who wants his cake and eat it too.

Zoro didn't get any W, it's Jinbei who landed the finishing blow which still Lucci got up from

Zoro the loser here
Didn't beat Lucci, didn't beat Kaku, didn't beat s Hawk
Didn't even dominate any of these fights

That's why Luffy can handle all 3 gorosei wyoh one atatck
Yonko Luffy can 1v2 a gorosei and an admiral

That's why Gorosei fear angering Kaido and can't stoo any Yonko 1v1

You're just salty
The story will always be Yonko as strongest guys with a few matching them with Imu as the real top 1
That's what Oda planned and still maintains
Marco held 2 YCs

King/Marco held Big Mom ship

That doesn't mean they can't beat them by what we saw.
Right now Luffy doing ANY JOBBING at any point, even in final fights is gonna be nonsense

Luffy can literally just pull shit out of nowhere like an actual cartoon

You know that gag where bugs bunny just pulls a stick of dynamite out of thin air and blows someone up… this is now entire viable as a thing Luffy can do

Like if Luffy straight up pulls out a nuclear bomb (or that TNT that knocked out big mom) from his asshole it’s fine… this is now allowed to happen

Anytime from this moment onward where Luffy isn’t just winning any fight he’s in is simply plot nonsense… Oda now has to literally write shit like teach removing g5 to justify Luffy having any problems with anyone ever again
Imagine how ass Teach is to lose to gearless luffy :crybeard:
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you didn't fix shit lol

Kizaru was proven to be nerfed this chapter. And he literally killed punk right under goofy's nose while nerfed.

so yall are fucking finished.
You bitches have been crying that he's nerfed since the first chapter he appeared in the arc lmfao, what happened to Kizaru feeding Luffy and switching sides to oppose the gorosei? Instead he collapses on a ship and cries himself to sleep at the ass whooping G5 handed to him.
Shocked just like these characters were shocked from G5's gag shit

I already told you what Shanks did to Ryokugyu earlier, not going to repeat myself.
Luffy was hurt here by Kaido's attack, so idk how this disproves that Topman's Wi-Fi did not make Goofy shit himself

What kind of defense even is this?
Characters from now on will never be allowed to fear for Goofy's life?

If Goofy was not paralyzed from Topman's Wi-Fi, why did Dory and Brogy had to defend Goofy?
You're a complete agenda driven dumbass and I can't wait to hand you the fattest fucking L of your life when the raws drop and Luffy's reaction to the roar is the same way he reacts to anything in G5, just pure gag nonsense
You're losing your shit over an argument which you obviously lost and you come up with BS accusations, basically ignoring that I'M A LUFFY FAN. Why should I purposely downplay Luffy, you pathetic mongrel???
And what if the raws show something different, what then? I go what the summary described so far and if the raws show something different, be it then. I'm not so pressed over it like you, so calm your tits, lmao.

What blow forced Luffy out of G5? What the fuck are you even talking about? Do you have access to the raws when no one else does?
Why are you inventing stupid shit?

When did I say Warcury's roar forced Luffy out of G5? I said KAIDO forced Luffy out of G5 despite his eyes popping out due to the gag style.
Again, can you follow? My argument is: forced gag style =/= taking no valuable damage. Because Luffy still can take serious damage and still have the gag moment of a Looney Tunes character.

Man, it's really frustrating dealing with your nonsense so far...

Topman's roar did nothing to Luffy, first you said it KO'd him, now you've said it forced him out of G5, just stop dude, the level of agenda pushing here is sickening.
Are you this disingenuous? The very first thing I did was clarify my stance after people were misunderstanding me and I told you, I meant Luffy was blown away.

Sure, you can totally blow this out of proportions and nitpick irrelevant and stupid stuff or you can address the other things which are more worthful in this discussions.

Again, I told you I'm a Luffy fan but I guess you'll just ignore that again.
I actually wonder if Kizaru will actually betray the Gorosei or possibly even play the role of villain because he believes he is too far gone.

Part of me wonders if the latter is possible because if youve killed your friend for people you potentially hate, it might just end up breaking you to the point of no return.

Ultimately i have no idea, but if Luffy had to beat SOMEONE this arc, it still should be Kizaru.
Garp was fighting for the future of his real grandson Coby. Garp knew Kuzan would be ok it's not like Kuzan is outmanned. Kuzan had to be the one to put Garp down and he knew that, Garp had no shot putting Kuzan down on fullalead and he knew that.
Moron. Garp is a beast he was fighting blackbeard commanders + Kuzan all by himself and he still managed to hold them if not for idiot koby. They are no match for garp despite of Kuzan's backing
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