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Because it sound like all other times we see CoC show off .
Like when BM did it , when Luffy did etc etc which is a huge coc blast that effect things around them .
Luffy being in gear 5 effect him in a funny way since everything effect him in funny way since eyes pop out at every for eg .
Even when shanks did his haki shit it was just CoC that mess up GB so i don't see any reason why CoC move would be anything but a CoC move.
But you are right lets wait for raws .
I'm fine with it. Raws will also clarify a lot of stuff.
I also think this attack is more similar to Shanks' one btw.
Warcry attack is simply classic boar attack . Charge attack.

@Paperchampion23 since you mentioned gorosei won’t be defeated in this arc, I can see it is possible but same oda does same thing to wci and luffy defeat katakuri as main thing. Also making big mom pirates into laughing stock thank to big news Morgan.

Beside all zoan Gorosei doesn’t look like Oda devoted to draw the fights like katakuri vs luffy thing. Maybe venus in sword fight . What is last time oda draw main fight that is full animal , non human fighting style ?

Zoro didn't get any W, it's Jinbei who landed the finishing blow which still Lucci got up from

Zoro the loser here
Didn't beat Lucci, didn't beat Kaku, didn't beat s Hawk
Didn't even dominate any of these fights
Facts. But tbh its a huge W for Zoro regardless, lets forget Zorotards. He managed to fight a low Top Tier equally.

Still convinced Zoro is Old Rayleigh level now.
Luffy was hurt here by Kaido's attack, so idk how this disproves that Topman's Wi-Fi did not make Goofy shit himself

What kind of defense even is this?
Characters from now on will never be allowed to fear for Goofy's life?

If Goofy was not paralyzed from Topman's Wi-Fi, why did Dory and Brogy had to defend Goofy?
They don't know how his gag power works, it's obvious they'd be shocked if Luffy's face disappears or his eyes pop out of his head, just like Nami, Chopper, Kidd etc did in Wano.

Was Luffy paralyzed when they saved him from Ju Peter?
You bitches have been crying that he's nerfed since the first chapter he appeared in the arc lmfao, what happened to Kizaru feeding Luffy and switching sides to oppose the gorosei? Instead he collapses on a ship and cries himself to sleep at the ass whooping G5 handed to him.
who the fuck started the feeding bullshit lmao. Not the admiral fans thats for sure.

And it literally got spelled out for you that the only reason kizaru isn't up right now and fucking the shp is because he literally killed a friend 5 FUCKING MINUTES AGO LOL.

Keep crying :ihaha:


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I actually wonder if Kizaru will actually betray the Gorosei or possibly even play the role of villain because he believes he is too far gone.

Part of me wonders if the latter is possible because if youve killed your friend for people you potentially hate, it might just end up breaking you to the point of no return.

Ultimately i have no idea, but if Luffy had to beat SOMEONE this arc, it still should be Kizaru.
Lucci actually teased that one since him and Kaku might got a punishment for not fulfilling the task/mission.
we can assume the same "punishment" could (be) applied to Kizaru too since he (kinda) failed the mission.
"Lucci is unable to move, but he refuses to fall down":handsup:

There is nothing much to clown Zoro here tbh. He hit Lucci circus style - Lucci cant move, Zoro got his W

Now Lucci refused to go down - didnt go unconscious - Lucci got his W

Everybody got their Ws. Its just Oda being Oda, who wants his cake and eat it too.
zoro got his W but zoro fanboys got their L because the zoro they are fan is the zoro that could defeat lucci with a fart .

everyone knows zoro was stronger than lucci and he was going to win , nobody said zoro lose this fight but the discussion with the zoro fanboys was not about zoro winning or losing but he neg diffing and clowning lucci and that was another delusion of zoro fans that was wrong

Sasaki Kojirō

Thank god for the Gorosei man, imagine if the Admirals really were the strongest in the WG

The final war would be a complete stomp :risitameh:
We've been warning about this for decades, that guys who defeat distracted opponents, fail to capture the old Rayleigh at 80 years old, take two shots from Mf Wb with cancer and no Haki, wouldn't be the final villains. These guys don't even possess basic Conqueror's Haki. LMAO
The only losers of this arc are
  • Zoro : Couldn't dominate weakened lucci, kaku and S-Hawk not did he beat them
  • Kizaru : Couldn't KO nor hurt Franky , Sanji and Bonney for real...Couldn't hurt Luffy really hard a papercut. Lost 2v1 bout and 1v1 round againsy Luffy in 1 blow landed
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