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Name one thing a Yonko can do that Topman can't
Gorosei problem right now is that they are dealing with the 2 most buffed things: Nika and Plot convinience. A gear 4 Luffy would made these monster looks like Yonkos, but is Goofy and Nika we are talking about and Oda loves his powers. But you have to remember Luffy clowned Kaido in G5 too, because Kaido COULD TAKE DAMAGE AND DIE, these 5 monsters can't, they are inmortal, have Coc and are awakened!
Its clear for me that the Gorosei will be at best victims of the "secondary" strawhats. So you want to tell me that Brook and Nami will be yonkou level at the end of the series?! You can do better.
That ? In fact this feat is insane, no one will come even close to doing this, the whole island shook, the rays are so big that we can't even see the end of them.

And Kaidou isn't even using it with the intention of knocking out fodder.
Luffy is chapter 1044 just by Awakening his fruit had fsr reaching CoC which even had Kaido shook. Luffy is just opaying sround in this arc.
No, adults put aside their emotions and do whats necessary. Just like Kizaru tried to slash Kuma with Ame No Murakamo, shoot lasers at Bonney and killed Vegapunk who was going to die anyway - even thought they are all his friends.
Interesting how the only one that actually died was already fatally wounded.

And btw, YOU are the one who said he would have raged out if he was actually conflicted a few posts back. In case you couldn’t tell, I was mocking your autism.
Its clear for me that the Gorosei will be at best victims of the "secondary" strawhats. So you want to tell me that Brook and Nami will be yonkou level at the end of the series?! You can do better.
"Is clear" LOL just like it was clear the Strawhats would defeat Big Mom at Wano. Lol
Or how the SH would face the VA this arc:kobeha:

For all we know, the gorosei are Kid, Law, Sabo, Zoro, Sanji, Dragon victims
Lucci is a beast.

Iron will. I've always said that this dude is Conqueror's material.

Very nice seeing that he cares for his ciper Pol friends as well. Knew it already from the cover stories, but nice seeing it in the manga too.
Between this and Lucci questioning the events digging deeper in beginning of the arc, there might be a chance Lucci eventually turns out. I just hope he won't become a straight up ally, don't want this GOAT to become another cheerleader.

Yea Lucci was obviously gonna require atleast 1 more attack.

-He was not unconscious even after Jimbei's attack forget Zoro's.
-He did not even fall, still on his feet.
-He has an awakened zoan. So he was bound to recover without another attack.
-Oda is not drawing Jimbei beating on an already fully defeated opponent, it's bad taste.

This is not some anti feat for Zoro, it just means Lucci is a beast. That's all.
All agenda and bias aside, Lucci is looking solid this arc.

He one shotted Sentomaru through his barrier defence (which has been hyped).
He had (advanced) armament clash with G5 and got up without much damage after tanking 3 named attacks.
His hybrid form kept up with boundman when attacking seraphim.
He fought (advanced) armament Zoro in CQC for a significant duration, standing after hit by (likely) advanced Conqueror's attack from Zoro. In context, this is very impressive cause this is a much stronger attack than the attack Kaido dodged and the Dragon twister that cut Kaido (assuming it's advanced Conqueror's).

Scaling him anywhere below standard first commander level is downplay.

Remember we had this convo about Lucci being relative to Sabo due to the movie? Yeah, I don't think it was an accident.
He should scale on/above Sabo, pre DF mastery.

I just ended up disappointed in Lucci, cause I underestimated the gap between G5 and other gears. Especially CQC in G5 is insane.
Oda did a terrible job showcasing the gap between pre and post G5 (aside from higher blunt resistance) in Wano, because his opponent was a character who nerfed himself to have fun until he pulled out FS against snakeman.
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