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Nonsense, Warcury CoC blast effect the entire island and throw Luffy away(giants stopped him) and shake all buildings and navy ships.

Big Mom just effect the top of the castle whole Warcury literally effect the entire island.
BM destroyer rockets and broke things too
That's what a scream/cOC blast do

Shaking up buildings with CoC is something ever COC user can do...
Katakuri abd luffy broke mirrorworld walls

Saturn only showed a wider range

The reason why Luffy got blown away is because of the roar not CoC... we know Boars can scream loudly

Topman being a mythical boar and BM animal them is a boar as Oda said
Makes senses why Oda has both mixing their screams /roars with CoC

Gol D. Roger

ȶɦɛ քɨʀǟȶɛ ӄɨռɢ
Last week they were talking about Lucci being "up" minutes after getting low diffed by cocless Luffy
But look what we have here :milaugh: the guy isn’t even koed even though Jinbei attacked him too
Luffy is tiers above Marimo Nika is OP
It's true that Luffy is way above Zoro, but how can anyone in their right mind think G5 Luffy failing to put Lucci down makes Zoro look like he's tiers below Luffy after what he did to Lucci? Are you guys even using your eyes and thinking before typing?
Yes it does
Who else has green smoke for coa

We compare zoro using acoc to zoro using acoc
It's literally called coc coating
Zoros swords are not touching the lightning

Who else has enma? its not his acoa doing that; its literally enma itself. But acoc having on their weapons is a general thing happening to all characters, including Kaido, Yamato, and Luffy, all had it.

You compare zoro using acoc to everyone else because there is nothing that makes zoros acoc special. it's the same with everyone.

Zoro unlocked it and had trail in attacks before this one.

Luffy used it to trail some attacks, but it didn't have the same thing with Kaido.

Get your head off your agenda.
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