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Who else has enma? its not his acoa doing that; its literally enma itself. But acoc having on their weapons is a general thing happening to all characters, including Kaido, Yamato, and Luffy, all had it.

You compare zoro using acoc to everyone else because there is nothing that makes zoros acoc special. it's the same with everyone.

Zoro unlocked it and had trail in attacks before this one.

Luffy used it to trail some attacks, but it didn't have the same thing with Kaido.

Get your head off your agenda.
Oden and he didn't have that ever

Yeah and it's black lightning off the sword as shown in 1035

Not this
Where did Lucci fall unconscious?
Where did he admit inferiority?
Where did Zoro admit he won?
Where did Lucci stop moving? We see him trying to attack and also blocking Jinbei's move

Show us your so called "Zoro defeated Lucci"
Kaku was still up for a page or two after Ashura and then he fell
Standing up doesn't mean shit especially if you can't move
If you can't move long enough for someone even slower than your original opponent to get a whole hit on you that's a defeat.
It's over. Lucci's lost for the third time this arc
Just retire blud and send Smoker in instead. We need our Logia Awakening one way or another.
Good chapter for WG agenda tbh
Lucci was clearly outmatched but Oda gave him a respectful ending by showing his tenacity and a glimpse of humanity with the concern for Kaku
Kizaru's mental nerf being obvious to anyone that isn't a rabid admiral hater
Wopman wifi diffing Nika

Mental nerf isn't the reason why he is on the ship lying down
He simply couldn't get up in time because of the attacke he took

Add that to his fake emotional state ...he lobed veag so much that he still killed him...nonsense
He's just a fraud
Not open for further replies.