Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1111 Spoilers Discussion

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if warcury is the strongest gorosei whos gonna fight him then? dragon?
zoro vs venus is already set in stone and i don't think sanji is gonna fight stronger oponent than zoro's, that mean sanji vs the 3rd strongest which should be mars
Just remember
I called Luffy > Kizaru
I called Luffy saving Bonney and Kuma from Saturn and then having a fight with him
I called Zoro low to mid diffing Lucci
I called the Gorosei being much more than fruit merchants
I'm almost never wrong on this stuff. Very reliable.
Instead of admitting you were wrong and that Zoro can't mid diff Lucci
He needs very high diff efforts wirh KOh moves to win

You wanna cope about "look at how bloody he looks. ..He did more than Luffy "
Doing more than Luffy would be knocking Lucci out for good ! Or even temporarily like Luffy did
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