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Gol D. Roger

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Unlike EL, we got Lucci showed getting up and fighting Luffy

Here we didn't...He lost consciousness and that's it
You can debate the offscreen events by yourself...we just know he lost consciousness and never got up to go after Luffy again
He was literally standing with his hands in his pocket before Luffy could reach the lab. That's seconds. You're using the time he used to compose himself, which he took even in EL, from the attack to say he's got KO'ed
Kidd fans will never learn

They will never understand that their boy is history and is no longer on the lines of zoro and luffy

But then... whatever makes them sleep better

Kid is done after Udon
Done after wano
Done after Elbaf clash against RHP

Always done by fans opinions but never finished per Oda's opinion

Can't wait for Kid to be back at Elbaf

You guys hate Luffy's allues because they always get the bigger shine

That's why Zoro can't beat Lucci while Giants are overpowering gorosej in a fight
Cope more

Is Zoro even above Dorry?
Has he managed to block and overpower any top tier by sending them back or down like Kid, Luffy, Yamato, Giants have down?
Real embarrassment is getting oneshot twice in the same arc
Lucci = ate 3 attacks from Nika
Ate 1 attack from Zoro, pulled MF Whitebeard moment, and got sent flying by Jinbe
Still delivered info to Mars

Got one tapped by same Nika who can't 3 shot Lucci, got blocked by Vegapunk boots Sanji, and now moping like a little girl on floor
How pathetic
Staying on the ground after getting knocked down with a big move is rather common. People take time to compose themselves; that doesn't mean they're defeated or knocked out. That's what happened back in EL, and this attack is a call back to EL where Lucci wasn't actually KO'ed.

Even Saturn, with all the regeneration in the world, took long enough for Kuma and Boney to have a reunion before he came back to attack them.

I know it's time to call back, brother. "It doesn't mean they are Ko'd," yes, but when the character says it is. I guess you think that people claim Lucci was Ko'd for good or for an hour or something; getting Ko'd momentarily is still Ko'd. People getting back rather quickly just because we see them talking and such doesn't mean a minute has passed.

Lucci is saying, "I mustnt fall on the sea," while he fly tell you he did get ko'd though momentarily because he wouldn't worry about it if he wasn't. All he had to do was use the skywalk and go back.
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