Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1111 Spoilers Discussion

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And while Zoro shows attack power and speed comparable to Gear 5 Lucci...

... our Sanjino is about to finally fight someone
Who, you might ask?
Not one but three!!!

The bodybuilder that Kuma steamrolled
The sunglassed guy with that cringe and yet psycho glare
And long-chin baldy
Proper opponents I would say 🤣

Hopefully he won't be eye diffed or base-nameless-kick diffed this time
Luffy's healing punches are real!
Btw I see huffing in the last panel... :risitexcla:


Throughout Heaven & Earth,I alone am d Honored One

Kid is done after Udon
Done after wano
Done after Elbaf clash against RHP

Always done by fans opinions but never finished per Oda's opinion

Can't wait for Kid to be back at Elbaf

You guys hate Luffy's allues because they always get the bigger shine

That's why Zoro can't beat Lucci while Giants are overpowering gorosej in a fight
Cope more

Is Zoro even above Dorry?
Has he managed to block and overpower any top tier by sending them back or down like Kid, Luffy, Yamato, Giants have down?
Zoro can't beat Lucci? Lmao

He pulled monet on him... beaten to pulp, drenched in his own blood and unable to move just growling...

You - can't beat lucci :pepecopium:

And, don't bring kidd in the same sentence with zoro.

Kidd was lying upside down in fish tank ..

Got schooled by kaido

Law saved his ass against BM

done in by his own attack against shanks

He is definition of Ls

Gol D. Roger

ȶɦɛ քɨʀǟȶɛ ӄɨռɢ
I know it's time to call back, brother. "It doesn't mean they are Ko'd," yes, but when the character says it is. I guess you think that people claim Lucci was Ko'd for good or for an hour or something; getting Ko'd momentarily is still Ko'd. People getting back rather quickly just because we see them talking and such doesn't mean a minute has passed.

Lucci is saying, "I mustnt fall on the sea," while he fly tell you he did get ko'd though momentarily because he wouldn't worry about it if he wasn't. All he had to do was use the skywalk and go back.
Bro, I literally gave you a panel of Lucci proclaiming he's losing consciousness, and he didn't. You're still trying to tell me his words mean something? The most you can argue from it is, that the attack hit him so hard that he took almost a minute to recover from it. This in no way proves he actually got KO'ed.
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