Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1111 Spoilers Discussion

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I boycott G5, give me G2 advance form that all I need from luffy:josad:
I understand people being pissed at the lack of tension which comes with toonforce but I sure prefer this over Haki beams hardening G5.

Another way is perfect control of his DF which is also G5 but I rather imagined that Luffy creates rubber from the ground and at the same time, he can freely spam G2, G3 and G4 techniques at the same time.

In this way, I had Katakuri's awakening in mind but in this case, Luffy would create thousand floating arms which can either spam Hawk Gatling or other G2 stuff. Then there are larger awakened arms which can spam G4 techniques. And Luffy would be able to completely turn into a giant, so G3 isn't necessary.

But again, technically we all already got this with toonforce awakening anyway but at the same time, it would not damage the tension.
It's not him. I'm just pointing out, in the map they're not there, and they're behind the rest.

In the arc we had a color spread that had him and Jinbe missing, and everyone kept asking why.

Maybe Oda was hinting they were going to separate from something in the future, hence now.
And just after that color spread Franky and Robin were missing too.
Oda was just shipping Zoro and Jinbe
i just saw the RAWS...

Lucci was fighting for his life LMAO after only 1 named Attack from Zoro. And even gave him permanent 3 scars. Zoro outperformed Luffy.

Big W for Zoro https://flic.kr/p/2o8bnBV
Massive W indeed.
I had started to believe for the first time since I've started One Piece that Zoro is no longer on Luffy's league, but Oda yet again told us that nah he goddam is!
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