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Would y'all really let kids read this manga? It's not too sophisticated or anything, but I do feel like some of the stuff is a little more mature than what a 10 or 12 year old should be seeing.
Seems more reserved for later teens and adults.
Considering that its made for japanese kids I think its fine. Its in shonen jump
This is the most retarded discourse ever
Of course Lucci was KOed in Enies Lobby. He outright said he was losing consciousness.
He just wasn't KOed for more than a few seconds.
I would put in this way, Lucci was in no condition to immediately counter neither G5 or Zori after they landed their name attack :myman:
Let not forget that the panel in which Loda used to show clear superiority was when both Zori&G5 avoided super easily Lucci pouches even if the guy is know to be super fast.
As a fellow Luffy fan, I definitely think you're in the right. If someone has a cocky mouth and keeps mass tagging and mocking you throughout those last months but runs away the moment his theories don't come out to be true, he shouldn't expect that users like you welcome him with open arms. It's just a cowardly act, that's it.

Some Zoro fans did the same and people mocked them for that. Heck, I remember a certain user temporarily leaving the forum and people kept writing insults to his profile until his return but prior to that, this user also provoked others like that.

So what's the message at the end of the day? Don't dish out what you can't take. This also includes for Pringles.

Plus, there is always the ignore button if it bothers him that much.

I still have users like MoNSteR(whatever) on ignore as well.
Oh god I remember that clown. I had him on ignore for so long I didn’t even realize he left the forum lmao
Whenever Luffy touches someone he automatically won but when Zoro cuts his oponnents so deep we can see their organs it doesn't count as a win.

I don't blame Luffy fans for having lost it after this pathetic arc. Literally runs from the Gorosei in a 3v3when he just became a Yonkou. Lucci was completely right in not recognising this clown.
:shocking:it's true
When the truth about Doflamingo hurts someone so badly that they choose to ignore the person who says it.

I honestly don't remember a single instance where Veku was even remotely toxic lol.
If I were mad about y'all thinking Doffy ~ Katakuri or what ever then you'd have been ignored the moment I met you lmao
But I realize Veku is literally just a troll. All he does is troll most of the time.
He's not nearly as bad as people like Erkek or Noodle.
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