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Here Oda stated that Kaido's fruit is one of the most powerful fruits in existence, and you have @ZenZu telling me it aint all that. Give it to any random and they become a top high tier.
Kaido's fruit Is surely one of the strongest ever, but Logia are almost the same, especially the strongest ones like the Pika Pika.
Oda even said WB's fruit was "as strong as a Logia":

Everyone of these fruits makes someone incredibly strong.

But sure, Kaido's one Is super top tier.


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That's interesting because there are no panels of him "not left standing" after Luffy's fight. Yet he was looking for round 2 the very same chapter and standing alright.

Here he's standing, but "the fight is over".

It's not in your best interest to compare how both fights ended. Zoro defeated him with the first named santouryu move, Zoro fans are eating good. Lucci fans are also eating good, though, Oda pampered both.
The last hit that luffy did on him had him saying that's he's going unconscious and it blasted him into the ground breaking a building. If you think he landed on his feet after that, ok. Maybe he did actually, since cats always land on their feet as they say.
I think it has some truth. Oda destroyed the sense of danger with the Nika intro. He could have done a better job with its inception as well. He doesn’t really let any other main character shine outside of Luffy.
I’m a Luffy fan and agree with a lot of the criticism.
The other characters get there time to shine we get to see this over and over but no one will out shine luffy .
This is a manga that 15 years ago lets luffy get 3 arcs by him self with other characters that not SH .
Plus some people idea of character shining half time make no sense at least on here lol.
I hope that at least now some arrogant fans will realize that the author is even more arrogant
arrongant? dude is a snake oil vendor. Lucky us that Japan wasnt touch by woke content but west comics before the woke-virus had higher quality in term of storytelling and consistency than OP:suresure:

Even others manga that were criticize for the bad quality like Bleach final arc, that arc is shitting over posttimeskip OP arcs


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This is where we disagree, Im not sure why you think it doesnt give him other high stats like any mythical Zoan would. In addition to weather control, elemental control, object manipulation and flight.
When a fruit fails to give you built in top tier AP, it is already lagging behind others that do.

These are all cool to haves, and def why the fruit is great no denying that. We're comparing it to other top of the line fruits.

Take Kaidou's fruit away from him vs take his genetics + advanced hakis away from him, he's losing far more from the latter than the former.

Take Kizaru's logia away from him vs take his genetics + advanced haki away from him and he's losing far more from the former. It's easy math.
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