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What did Mars see?

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CoC: Color of Clowns

Man dumb. Woman weak. Futa for president.
In reality Caribou told the BBP what he knew and they just left him there lmao
Nah, Caribou's holding his cards close to his chest. He knows what kind of people are on Blackbeard's crew, and that if he wants favor with Teach he needs to get it directly.

IMO, Augur teleported their ship to Blackbeard, told him the situation, then, after observing from long range (Pre Time Skip Van Augur had strong enough CoO to snipe pelicans from absurd ranges in Jaya), Blackbeard realized that allowing the message to go through would destroy people's faith in his greatest enemy: the WG. Blackbeard wants to take over the world, he doesn't give a fuck if some random dude from Dressrosa here's about the Void Century. As long as it hurts the WG's bottom line, it's good for Blackbeard.

Blackbeard can help destroy worldwide faith in the Gorosei, and then steal some Seraphim at the same time.

Looks like S-Shark and S-Hawk are going to go with Teach, like I originally thought, rather than get teleported.

We should get Smoker soon, too. Hell yeah, I love Egghead.
Vergo is so much above all these Vice Admirals, jesus christ

Blud was tanking Law, Sanji and Smoker's attacks in PH

Meanwhile Red King got one shot by Strong Right, Franky literally used this attack to save Luffy from Saturn
Warcury having insane skin is pretty neat.
Depends if Luffy used adv CoC or not, Red Roc made Kaido scream in pain and fall down pretty bad.
Red Roc is one of Luffy main moves, if he used adv CoC in combo and didn´t do any shit, yeah Warcury Durability is clearly above Kaido one. Since even with basic adv CoC moves, Luffy could easily hurt Kaido in drunken mode, red roc is his big move...

Yonkou Luffy hurting his fist and getting hurt by just attacking Warcury is wild.
So far Warcury,Mars and Nasujuro are insane so far.
Red Rock Is advCoA though
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