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What did Mars see?

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Zoan kaido tanked okg line none much

If you think all those low tier moves hurting him is whatever

Let us see Topman tank adcoc g4/g5 moves

You're still coping that one day kaido will be inferior to Shanks or anyone else bar imu and Teach

Kizaru, Saturn... your agenda didn't work
Now It's Topman
By their logic everyone is weaker than BM too not only Kaido is above the rest even Roger he didn't have a strong body :willight: but nah we don't do that here

Reminder a fellow gorosei lost his whole arm because of a punch lol
Gents it is now a fact.

Gorosei > admirals

A regular g2 red roc was able to do something to base kaido while a G5 red roc did nothing to warcury and instead luffybwas damaged lol.

Lucci and the gorosei were horribly power scaled by people.

Lucci is clearly yc1. And the gorosei is in the same league if not above some admirals (if not all)
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