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What did Mars see?

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Lee Ba Shou

Conqueror of the Stars
1) Vegapunk: "Make sure everyone tunes into this broadcast, especially men of the navy."

2) Kizaru, a man of the navy and friend of Vegapunk, is lying on a ship in conflicted state and crying like a bitch.

Do you not see the set up Lee? Granted this is One Piece and Oda drops plot lines all the time, but this is kinda blatant, no?
N***a every time you make a prediction, you end up a hysterical mess crying on the concrete lmfao

Your last prediction was Ryokugyu solo’ing the alliance. When that didn’t happen you sent yourself to a mental hospital lmfao.

I 100% believe the Marines will fight against the Gorosei and the Celestial Dragons at the end of the manga, hell Kizaru might betray them now, but Kizaru ain’t dying to these fucking clowns lmfao.
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