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What did Mars see?

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Huh, holy shit, fair point.

You think Koby's showing up at the end of Egghead, since G-14 is near Hachinosu, and Egghead (I think) is between them?

I just want maps, Oda, so I know where these damn islands are. Sexy, sexy maps.

The hottest geography, because geography is everything.
I think Sword is gonna end up on Elbaf and ally with Luffy for the fight against BB
That’s not a story prediction, that’s a power level prediction

Power level predictions aren’t hard, story predictions are hard, especially Oda who will actively make his series worse so long as it remains unpredictable
Power levels are apart of the narrative, this is literally a battle shonen where the good guys fight progressively stronger and stronger bad guys. A series that also literally has a balance of powers in the setting that requires power level analysis to make sense of narratively.
Oda is such a garbage ass writer lmfao

How does Luffy who:
-fought Kaido for multiple chapters using ACoC
-ate several Destroyer Baguas and Boro breaths
-restarted his heart
-manipulated the weather
-have enough Haki to use Bajrang gun

sandbag in just a couple of chapters after barely taking some damage and run out of energy? :gokulaugh:
Shanks lost his arm to a fish
WB got hurt by basically anything
Roger got killed by normal stabs
Garp got hurt really bad by morgan

All of these characters are below durable characters going by the new shanks' fanboy logic here
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