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What did Mars see?

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I just wish he did more to prove the hype he gets is worth it.
I mean his Punk Hazard feats were alright, but at the end of the day he still got handled very easily by PH Law despite coating his whole body in Armament.
Law got a huge advantage due to his Devil Fruit

Vergo tanked stuff like Counter Shock and all his attacks that landed on Law hurt him like a truck, more than Doflamingo's i must say


Please, shut the fuck up. I don't feel like reading your posts.
You are way too old to keep acting like a scared kid, this is the real world, get used to it.

One piece is the biggest moneymaker in manga history and oda alongside toei will do everything in their power to keep Millking this cow for as long as possible, including saying bullshit lies that naive fans like you fall for.
Clinches benefits the person with the stamina issues more than it does the person without. The best thing Jake can do is try to keep Mike active, so he gets tired out. Problem with Jake, is he started off as a Youtube personality, and he won't be able to resist trying to take Mike out in a straight up boxing match for the recognition. That will be his biggest mistake, as Mike will box his head off.
I want Mike to win but I just can’t see him beating a young man in his prime . Hopefully you’re right . Also clinching makes you tired if you have someone putting their weight on you .
oh boy,
I can't wait for the next chapter where there's 1 min left and Venus focuses on Bonney rather than broadcast
:kizawat:It gives me a flashback to Saturn focusing on Bonney while the God Nika is literally knocked out near his feet.
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