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What did Mars see?

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"We must do everything in our power to stop this broadcast!"

*Venus proceeds to focus on Pacifistas and Bonney the whole time*
*3 Gorosei focus and fighting Goofy and giants and can't do anything*

This is straight up joke of a writing.
How is it possible for a grown man to not understand a comic strip for pre teens?

Warcury and Peter are focused on Luffy while Nusjuro is preventing the strawhat escape. Mars needs to find a specific den den mushi to end the broadcast and can't destroy the whole lab because they need the mother flame. Saturn has already stopped fighting Luffy and has gone up to assist Mars
Not worse than your obsession with me
Even erkan types ain't this pathetic to poke like that lmao
My guy, just because a guy criticizes what you say here doesn't mean they're obsessed with you. Just let it go, you're the one that feels the need to keep yapping and crying cuz I dared to say you have shitty opinions.
You know what’s crazy?

Gear 5 Luffy is unironically mid diff material at best for Warcury.

Warcury is immortal and has stronger durability and ACOC than Kaido.

The time limit means Gear 5 would do literally nothing to Warcury thanks to his immortality and than Warcury can wreck him
Man, I pitty the guy who gets drafted into the same squad as you. If we're ever at war, I wouldn't trust you to have my back.
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