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What did Mars see?

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My guy, just because a guy criticizes what you say here doesn't mean they're obsessed with you. Just let it go, you're the one that feels the need to keep yapping and crying cuz I dared to say you have shitty opinions.
Lmao so Poking indirectly is Criticizing now
Don't be this pathetic , so it on my face lmao.
You know what’s crazy?

Gear 5 Luffy is unironically mid diff material at best for Warcury.

Warcury is immortal and has stronger durability and ACOC than Kaido.

The time limit means Gear 5 would do literally nothing to Warcury thanks to his immortality and than Warcury can wreck him
If Oda’s giving Warcury much better durability than Kaido, then I don’t see why people are so against Oda retconning Venus into having a Kokuto.
seem like it yes . Yonko dont have anything over them now .
TOp dura ? Check
POwerfull haki ? Check .
Immortal ? GOrosei .
Gorosei win .
title "World's Strongest Being"? --> no
The title "World's Strongest Being" means that Kaido is already the strongest in the verse, and this cannot be argued.


LMAO, shut up bro, I'm not the one here complaining how girls don't like me and shit.
This guys at least has to 60+ lmao to not understand self degradation Humor.
Even Back then I said things didn't work out , I never said "girls don't like me" lmao.
I'm not as pathetic as you apparently.
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