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What did Mars see?

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I will never forgive Oda
@TheAncientCenturion If you had to structure the Warlords into duos like with the Akatsuki, who would you pair with who?
Might be hard, the Akatsuki duo's compliment each other perfectly with a central theme.

Artists - Deidara/Sasori
Immortal - Hidan/Kakuzu
Heavenly - Pein/Konan
Traitors - Itachi/Kisame

So off the top of my head...

Crocodile & Moria - Both being defeated/beaten. I think they'd have a fun dynamic, Crocodile being insanely proactive and Moria as lazy fatass.

Kuma & Boa - Both being former slaves of the world government. A very selfless man and the most selfish woman.

Doffy & Jinbe - Doffy is from the highest stock in the world, Jinbe grew up in the furthest down you could go.

Mihawk & Blackbeard - Kinda mysterious figures

Law & Weevil - One is a doctor the other looks like a mad science project.
Because they have to be summoned. And the pacifistas absolutely are a priority because they are destroying everything and letting everyone escape lol
1. Who summoned saturn to egghead?

2. no they aren’t fucking not. Pacifistas only destroying fodder marine ships gorosei should not care about
Who cares if they escape? The emergency here is the broadcast, not to catch then. Like are you dense?
More like imo, its VP last resort. A Clone or Seraphim that reserved just to protect the broadcast and still on capsule or glass protection.
Must be someone strong to make Mars shocked
Now with raws out, that is more possible than it being BBP or others. And it gives a lot of possible characters to guess to have been cloned. Roger, Whitebeard, Garp, Kaido are all possibilities.
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