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What did Mars see?

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Give up man, it was fun when you fought against Sanji, but just admit Worosei greatness. Also they was always there...5 elder stars(planets), only some retarded maggot could believe that weakling nonames would be called Planets in the One Piece story.
What are you talking about + what greateness? Gorosei have been fucking ass so far.
There's 5 of them and they haven't accomplished anything, and this is them going all out at emergency. Fodder giants alone can fight off these fodder gorosei.
No doubt all of them have it with the way Jinbei and Zoro remarked their haki
i don't know.

they just said strong haki. no mention of coc.

oda has always shown fodder losing consciousness when a character uses coc for the first time.

with topman, we saw that. but not with any other gorosei so far.

i think its quite possible only topman and potentially ethan have it.
Wait until Mihawk's CoC split the sky.
Probably only when he clashes with zoro since you'll need an equal conqueror for that. But soon he'll clap an admiral just like Pranks clapped kiddo. The only ones in the show who didn't get the chance for showing off yet are Mihawk and Dragon. And there's a reason why Oda keeps that until the very end.


Indeed, Kubo is that good, even the small story about the witches was actually super well done, loved London in that manga!!!!
Kubo is great when it comes to working with short/medium stories who take a straight forward approach and linear storytelling.

He lost his touch after soul society when it came to the plot due to his inability of working with long arcs whose payoffs will only come far in the future which is something that oda excels at.

Soul society arc, turn back the pendulum and even fullbringer arc(i realized how good this arc was after watching it as an adult and realizing all the nuances towards ichigo's character) are his best work exactly because they follow the same structure used in burn the witch.

Fake karakura town, TYBW and hueco mundo SUCK because kubo needed to think outside the box and work with several characters and plotlines at the same time, not to mention the complete absence of a power balance lol.
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