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What did Mars see?

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While you have the upper hand in this argument for te time being
But there could be a trick too.
We have no idea about Topman abilities outside of haki roar which isn't an ability. All Gorosei have different power/hax
He could have defence hax ability that doesn't have anything to do with his base durability.
Topman has absurd base durability AND he’s also immortal.

Topman is like definitively above Kaido bro
@ShishioIsBack you need to understand zoro is as hollow as a character can get. Hell even brook has more personality and he’s undead

Zoro can’t lose, he can’t be made to look bad, he can’t struggle, he’s basically superman with swords because that’s how oda wrote him to be. He’s the strawhat with the most plot armor of all of them

He’s like natsu dragneel from fairy tail
That's pretty cool.
With Odas post time skip debacle of writing, that is the best I can ask for.

Issue is Luffy and Sanji have always been shallow. Sanji being shallow and embarrassing at the same time.
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Well, he probably will awake COC, or fight Kizaru idk
Yeah idk Oda didn't give Sanji any CoC hints in CoC arc in wano where CoC was fleshed the most.
Even if he has a high pitch voice like Pica I don’t think he will fight Zoro in an all out fight. I don’t think Oda will go that route when you have Ethan and a supreme blade Meito in his hands nearby.

It would be so weird for the reader to have Zoro fight S Hawk and Mihawk one after the other for big fight.

‘But Mihawk and S Hawk will definitely spar or duel at some point. And Mihawk will love it.

‘I can see Mihawk taking S Hawk with him in his island to have someone to spar with
Idk I feel like you’re underestimating how important the seraphim will be in future fights. Them existing just to get sidelined as sidekicks doesn’t feel right imo

While similar I think the seraphim will be different enough in personality compared to the warlords they’re clones of. Just like stussy isn’t 100% just like the original. Combat wise he has enough differences to have his own style although similar

Nusjuro is also just more likely to fight another character compared to hawk. Also maybe they give hawk his own cursed blade
And in-between all of this Luffy just keeps looking dogshit, no wonder Luffy fans aren't around anymore 🤣🤣

Why is it overlooked that again plot came in to recharge his energy after him failing to damage anyone, yet again ?
If the giants didn't assist the SH, Luffy would be dead already! Like several times. Same with the rest of the SH.

Watch the Giant Robot assist them too. But if I'm honest I prefer it this way that having Luffy soloing the 5 elder tbh:handsup:
A “corpse” in his awakened form? Does that sound right to you? Also i’ve never seen someone so happy over a paper cut
He literally turned into normal form a second later.

If you think 9 deep belt sized lacerations are a "paper cut" you have literally never been in a fight or don't even know how damage works. If there was even an ounce of realism in this manga, Lucci should be dead from blood loss rn lol.

He was literally holding on like Whitebeard and Zoro.


✌𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝓢𝓲𝓶𝓹𝓵𝓲𝓬𝓲𝓽𝔂 𝓸𝓯 𝓛𝓲𝓯𝓮✌
That's pretty cool.
With Odas post time skip debacle of writing, that is the best I can ask for.

Issue is Luffy and Sanji have always been shallow. Sanji being shallow and embarrassing at the same time.
All the strawhats are pretty one dimensional that's why only like 2 of them make my top 20 favorite characters list Oda has so many side characters and cast to flush out that the strawhats are pushed to rhe side and only driven by tropes and plot convinces
It doesn't even look like Warcury was using haki to protect himself either, just raw durability lol
The only thing Pumba is lacking rn is mobility, but he's in full beast so that's understandable.
Bro, Pumba is more durable than Kaido….

And has immortality….

And has ACOC…

And probably more mythical Zoan abilities…

And we haven’t seen his hybrid….

Topman might be the strongest in the verse besides Imu right now.
Even pre-ACOA Luffy never showed any sign of pain while using dragon Kaido as a punching ball on Udon lmao. Kaido got MOGGED hard in his own field
Gorosei MOG everyone.

Has Awakened Mythical Fruit
Stronger CoC than Shanks
More durable than Kaido
Harder to Damage than Lunarians
Faster than Kizaru
1000 years of experience
Probably better swordsmanship than Mihawk

They are maximized in every category.
To be honest Zoros character right now seems to be that but if you holistically understand Zoros, he always has been the most fleshed out and engaging character.

Pre Time Skip each arc we got something different from Zoro where in his introduction arc he introduced Zoro as demonic villian from outside perspective but when we got to learn more about Zoro, we see that he is very kind-hearted and generous and turned himself in to save a little girl.

In that situation he showed situational awareness, he understood consequences despite being strong enough to kill Helmepoo and Morgans, he chose to keep his imagine clean and prevent any trouble from coming into village until he learned that Marines were always planning on double crossing.

Right there we got to learn trigger of his motivation to become WSS which isn't just one sided ambitious desire but rather a promise he has to keep to his dead child-hood friend. That right there makes Zoro more engaging than Luffy to me as we still don't know why exactly Luffy is always randomly screaming "I am gonna be a pirate king", he just thinks pirates are cool and there is that.

In Buggy Arc we got to see more of his tenacity and his dedication to his commitment where he saved Luffy despite open wound that could have killed him. He didn't have to go above and beyond, Luffy doesn't owe him much, he passed him swords and in return Luffy got a crew mate stronger than him.

In Sanjis own arc, we get some real life lessons of failures happen but in the midst of failures we shouldn't break down, instead keep going. Imagine Michael Jordan quitting after losing one HS Basket Ball game. I can easily resonate with that as journey to getting brown belt in Jiu-Jutsu wasn't easy, being as good at tennis as I am rn wasn't easy, getting my first job wasn't easy, there were failures and rejections along the way. Zoro as a whole has always been written in engaging manner, something Oda struggles with Sanji and Luffy where their dialogues always come off as surface level and basic. Zoros scars on the back dialogue, him talking about if he gives up there all his promises, his dedication resolve all in vein. We never get that kinda engagement from Sanji or Luffy, just random cool one liners here and there like "Mr Prince"

In Alabasta his character was fleshed further where Oda even gave nuances to his fighting style with him evolving not just physically (learning Shi Shi Son Son) but also mentally and changing his out-look on battles where he initially only cut to kill, he now cuts to protect who are dear to him. And just the way Oda took us on deep journey to get to that point with Breath of All things, his teachings, him questioning his moral compass is once again the kind of engagement we never get from any other Straw Hat. Maybe Nico Robin or Nami at times but not quite like Zoro.

In Skypea he was explored further in many ways with his out-look on men attacking women, his take on Gods, but generally Skypea was more of a combat arc for Zoro, there were still many engaging dialogues between him and Enel, him and Nami Robin Chopper etc

Water 7 we got to see Zoro as a voice of reason and level headed when entire crew lost their shit at the idea of Nico Robin leaving, he had Luffy and Nami sit down at the roof top and make them properly asses the situation, thinking of possibilities and it is all something a normal human can resonate with. Almost any tricky unexpected situation may triggered the kinda reaction which will make us do irrational things but voice of reason is always needed.

There is a lot more that can be said about Zoro but Sanji to me always came off as a shallow character, and obviously with goal that I can't really get into. I mean I do love to cook but Oda hasn't even stressed enough on Sanjis journey to find all blue, and then Oda basically made Sanjis character worse and worse each arc peaking during his training where he literally changed his gender only to come back to die from Mermaid titties.

It is a very easy and logical thing to be a Zoro fan cuz he's written that way.

Obviously everyone sucks Post TS and that applies to Zoro as well. WCI is the only arc where Sanji felt like a real character to me..but once again he was humiliated badly in the process.

Luffy is literally not even a character..just a parrot doing same thing and repeating same dialogue "I wanna be a pirate king"
@Embers Kaios Zoro is really the only non shallow straw hat Oda has ever written.

And the whole limb cutting situation..it is not a seinen but what Zoro did to Lucci is probably the most gory and brutal looking attack we have seen thus far.

One Base Bandana Less Attack >>>> 100 G5 Luffy attacks.
Definitely not peak

But not garbage either

Its the best it's been since Dressrosa
I think I've been holding on out of nostalgia for years now. This is nothing about character agendas or anything. It's just... this slow, plodding pace is irritating and unengaging. Oda has a cash cow, and he'll use it. Fair play.
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