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What did Mars see?

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Lazy is the way
Even ignoring power level I don’t think most of them are that important/relevant

There’s no real reason for the seraphim to be defeated by them. It should be done by up coming characters from the new gen. It’d be a waste imo
It would show that real humans are still better than robots and will is the most important thing

all Warlords are powerhouse that have great potential

I don’t see any new gen fighting them and for what purpose
Allegedly meaning not proven merely speculation and until such a time that is a proven fact I'm not gonna put him on that level
Okay so wb was just saying that for fun i guess. Oda was scaling garling up against top tiers for fun i guess. Oda is making Shanks (you know, the one most of yall have as top 1?) relative a bum i guess.

People like you would still argue even if he one shots a top tier on screen.

This discussion is over, cause theres no substance to it whatsoever
Garling isn't on the level of Garp, or Roger or any of the top tiers involved in God Valley never has been and never will be

Other than Garp the average VA is Franky tier at best
The "Garling is not a top tier" reminds me of "Gorosei are not fighters" once again:gokulaugh:

Oda shows this man 3 or more arcs prior Mary Joa arc for one reason, not only that... he stated his position as the Supreme Commander... not only that... he made sure to state that this man was in God Valley with other top tiers and not only that, he's old, meaning he got experience (and we know how Oda and Japan likes their old man).
And he was introduced as the leader of a group, and we didn't saw the rest of that group meaning he's league above them.

I may be coping, but imagine seeing a Page One back in Dressrosa like why I'm seeing a fodder 3 arcs prior Wano Oda?

But we saw Kaido!!! Because he had importance on the plot, the same goes to Shanks' dad.


Lazy is the way
It's out of control. When Zoro gets revived by Mink cum he's maken fun off (as he should!) but when Luffy gets two bullshit revives nobody bats an eye lol.
What next ? When Sanji will be exhausted, Franky will come with a battery to charge him up

The drum that « revived » G5 against Kaido was lame but at least it could have been part of his bullshit powers. I prefer 100 times that rather than the Giant food
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