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What did Mars see?

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Let’s see but I don’t think it will end up that way

CG will be part of the final war. Moria is still somewhere and I doubt Doffy will stay in prison.

Only Seraphim I don’t know about is S Bear. He will maybe be destroyed in Egghead like Kuma or I don’t know. But he won’t fight the good guys
The other emperor crews will likely get defeated by the time the crew finds the one piece and luffy becomes pirate king
Like I doubt the other emperors or even admirals will be relevant in the final battle. The final war is likely an on going thing that’s already started

Post pirate king Luffy vs the world government will most likely mainly rely on the new gen. Groups like the rhp, bbp, cg, and even akainu’s marines will probably be defeated by the time luffy fights imu
Bro Ju Peter is doomed! The only attack he can make is swallow and eat people and we know Oda isn't going to do that... so he will become the first character to no even hit a single attack in the whole series. :josad:
I can’t stand this kind of plot
It’s so lame
Make Luffy last longer but don’t use those stupid food shit
Yeah don't remind me of that.
Oda isn't even trying anymore with the drawbacks. At least G4 was somewhat reasonable but Luffy gasses out after 10 minute use of G5 which is essentially... just awakening.

Law and Kidd used it longer.
Katakuri used it casually.
Lucci had no issues using it as well.
Doflamingo used it with ruptured organs who was close to death.
Saturn is STILL IN HIS AWAKENING MODE. Happily switching between his hybrid and full zoan mode as if he's just doing his morning walk, lmao.
But all of a sudden, Luffy uses it and can't keep this mode for more than 10 minutes? What kind of stupid joke is that? It's not like Luffy can't say "Man, I'm really tired now. I have to deactivate G5 to reserve my stamina" which would have been a reasonable start because Luffy is still in influence of his own power, not like that BS excuse to make him a sitting duck after 10 minutes. It's ridiculous.

Luffy would be completely owned without the giants and it's a fact.
Instead of relying on a ridiculous PU, Oda could rather show how Luffy's holding his own against other top tiers with... his usual gears AND ACoC. Just like how he kept his own against drunken style Kaido.

Right now, Luffy looks like absolute trash without his G5. He punches Warcury with his new G3 fire-based attack and he hurts his own fist. How pathetic is that? I swear, Zoro would be clowned ENDLESSLY if he was even remotely showing 1/100 of all the anti feats which Luffy's been showing in Egghead Island, don't let me start mentioning Luffy's trash stamina feats. :milaugh:

Then he's suddenly at 100% again when eating random feat. This is such cheap writing...
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