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What did Mars see?

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nsjuro removing the pacifista is interesting . He made it a priority because of the treath they pose to the navy ? Or because they fear the bubles they use and it will be effective on them ?
Because they pose a threat to the navy and because he can disable them without destroying them so the WG doesn’t lose a huge amount of money.


I will never forgive Oda
Eh, I have to admit, Zelda dungeons took great inspiration from Metroid game design when it comes to item progression but it doesn't change the fact that Zelda dungeons each are unique in their own way.
Ripely is also superior as a key antagonist to Samus, than Ganondorf is to Link/Zelda

Ganon suffers from the Bowser syndrome where he gets beat every new title, whereas Ripley at least isn’t consistently the main baddie.
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