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What did Mars see?

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Translation of Luffy's Red Roc against Top Man :
Thanks to The will of Marco on Twitter :

Top Man's Toughness is above Kaido and Luffy's Advanced Armament Haki !
Now watch, Yonko fans who desperately wanted you to believe that durability is the most important strength trait will suddenly backpedal and try to wank the rest Kaido’s utterly mediocre feats now that Warcury is more durable than him lmfao
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Assuming Jinbe and Zoro show up to help the weak trio and Brook with Saturn… the only straw hat who isn’t interacting with a Gorosei is Robin.

Fucking he’ll Oda.
Robin is right there with them you see her talking and being next to Nami and chopper in chapter .
She most likely on ship where brook and VP are.
Seem ussop and them leave the ship because they see Saturn but if he attack them before jinbei and Zoro get there .
The all will have to deal with him even robin that hurt .
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