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What did Mars see?

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We get it, we all know you think Kingdom is better.

Also comparing a Seinen Historical War Manga like Kingdom to a Shonen Manga like One Piece is kind of dumb imo.

Of course more characters are going to die in Kingdom and the series is going to be taken more seriously compared to One Piece.

If you are going to compare One Piece to any series at least compare it to another Shonen Manga.
To be fair, some One Piece fans be comparing One Piece to epics like Odyssey. At least Lee Ba Shou is keeping the comparisons in the manga medium.

Lee Ba Shou

Conqueror of the Stars
OoT and MM(3DS version) are the only Zelda games I've ever played and beaten, and while I'm not a huge fan of the time limit, surprisingly I ended up enjoying MM more than OoT.
Many who have played both in detail prefer MM, probably because it is superior as a work of art lol.

I think OOT didn’t age as well as MM. OOT feels safe and vanilla in a lot of ways and MM is so risky and unique it just stands out more.


To apologize for what he did to Joy Boy, the Robot stops a Gorosei, but in doing so interrupts Vegapunk's feedback, again damaging Joy Boy in the process.
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