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What did Mars see?

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Mars looking up at the Mother Flame and realizing he’s now the insect
Ik this is a joke but the mother flame is a fuel created by a powerplant in egghead to power up the weapon in holy land

So many people miss this point in the manga. The actuak weapon is in holyland, the fuel to create the energy source for it is the mother flame which is created in Egghead
Ryuma Grave,Shimotsuki Backstory,Explaining Black Blades ,Longer Kaido backstory with an explanation why Suicide is his hobby etc…..
Why did we need a shimotsuki backstory? Kaido’s flashback is fine. What explanation did you want for Suicide being his hobby
Zoro's Ryuma plot
Saved for future arcs Oda teases this will be added upon in the SBS
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