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What did Mars see?

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Yeah I feel at most Sanji will do something similar to Oven and chiffon situation. Grab Bonney before Nesjuro even notices.
Scenarios like with Oven wont happen, Nasjuro seems to have a crazy CoO and is brutal fast too, he would blitz Sanji during him taking Bonney away.. It worked against Oven since Oven CoO and speed was poor, but it wont work against a Speedstar and CoO master like Nasjuro. I feel like entire Strawhats will be needed her.
It wasn't, hueco mundo was the place where spirits turned into hollows went to.

Remember at the beginning of the show where the spirit of that guy who wanted to kill the bird got pierced in his chest and dragged to a gate full of skulls? That's hell.

There are plenty of information on the hell one shot
Naah that was Hueko Mundo.

Listen, when soul was eating other souls that is what hell suppose to be, also hollow was just demons. Hell concept ruins all manga LOR LOL
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